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Navigating the Challenges of the Grocery Industry

Providing value and understanding your customers are the main objectives of any organization in the grocery store industry. But how can grocers continue to do this while facing inflation and customer loyalty challenges?

Are You Capturing the Full Value of Exciting Coupon Innovation?

New-to-the-scene coupon innovation, like universal digital coupons, known also as digital manufacturers’ coupons, provide consumers the ability to increase their saving options, making it vital for retailers and brands to engage settlement solution providers that can handle everything, from soup to nuts.

The Changing Face of Coupons

In this video, find out what you need to do now to leverage coupon innovation to create value, improve competitiveness and increase consumer satisfaction.

60% of consumers say coupons and discounts more important than ever
What’s the Deal With Coupons?

How do online and in-store shopping stack up when it comes to shopping for CPG products? We provide key insight into how people are shopping so you can build an effective digital and brick-and-mortar strategy to meet their needs and win their loyalty.

Man looking at refrigerated foods in grocery store with phone in hand
It’s Time to Make Coupons an Omnichannel Marketing Tool

Grocery coupons are ripe for omnichannel marketing transformation. The coupon industry’s Universal Digital Coupon format is the first step in a fully omnichannel future for cents-off grocery offers.

Woman at checkout in grocery store
“Queenpins”: How a Blockbuster Comedy Can Show Us the Way to a More Serious Approach to Coupon Fraud

It’s not often that coupons get the attention of Hollywood. But, that’s exactly what has happened with the new blockbuster, “Queenpins.”