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Episode 10: Marketers: Here’s how to handle your data problem

Listen as Leigh Anne Bentley, CMO of Leaders Credit Union, talks about solving “the data problem” at a financial institution.

Anatomy of a Banking Customer
Anatomy of a Banking Customer

If financial institutions want to build loyal customers, they’ll have to embrace personalization. They must understand how different generations and segments approach banking. Read on to leanr more.

Episode 9: Transforming Your Marketing Strategy For The Future

Listen as Neil Patel talks about what the future of marketing will look like for marketers and consumers.

Cultivating Customer-Focused Teams

The best marketers have a deep understanding of their customers, learn from them about their needs, and become their voice.

Navigating the Challenges of the Grocery Industry

Providing value and understanding your customers are the main objectives of any organization in the grocery store industry. But how can grocers continue to do this while facing inflation and customer loyalty challenges?

57% of bank marketers are experiencing difficulties making sense of customer data
Bank and Credit Union Marketers Agree: Data Is The Key To Acquisition and Increased Wallet Share

Many banks and credit unions have had to shift their marketing strategies do accomodate changes in the economy, To do so, they needed to rely on the power of data.

Episode 8: Cultivating Customer-Focused Teams Through Marketing

Listen to how marketers can use data, tools and empathy to be the voice of the customer.

Prioritizing and Building a Strong Brand Identity

Successful brand building and brand development are the primary fuel for powering the overall growth of an organization. But how do you build a brand while still increasing your customer base?

48% of people plan to use their tax refund to pay down debt
Tax Time Turbulence: How Families and FIs Can Manage Tax Refunds

Here are a few examples how FIs can help people make better financial decisions this tax refund season.