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Headshot of Matthew Tilley, VP of Growth Marketing at Vericast
Unpacking the Contradictory Behavior of Today’s Consumer

Consumer behavior has grown increasingly complex, often displaying contradictory preferences within consumer segments — or even from the same consumer. Matthew Tilley, vice president of Growth Marketing at Vericast, dives into the dichotomy of consumer desires and provides advice for how marketers can effectively respond.

Headshot of Matthew Tilley, VP of Growth Marketing at Vericast
Episode 28: Unpacking the Contradictory Behavior of Today’s Consumer

This Business to Human podcast episode discusses the dichotomy of consumer desires and how marketers can effectively respond.

woman shopping at refrigerated case in grocery store
3 Marketing Trends Retailers Must Prioritize in 2024

Despite industry challenges, the retail landscape is ripe with opportunities. o capitalize on this momentum, retailers must jump on crucial marketing trends to push forward and past their competitors this year.

Alexa Bennett and April Masters Business to Human Podcast
Episode 27: Marketer’s Toolkit

This episode uncovers recurring themes and challenges faced by marketers today and features insight from marketing experts in industries ranging from real estate to restaurants.

Kathy Neumann
Episode 26: Embracing Digital Innovation in the Rental Housing Industry

Gone are the days of simply contacting a leasing office and hoping that your dream building has availability. The age of digital has completely transformed the way we shop for everything — including the places we live. Kathy Neumann, CMO of speaks with host Matthew Tilley about what it means to attract and retain customers in the modern housing industry.

Headshots of speakers from the Business to Human Podcast, Episode 23.
Marketing for Financial Institutions in an Uncertain Economy

In this roundtable, Vericast teammates discuss how to navigate upcoming challenges and what your organization (and marketing team) can do to come out on top.

Episode 25: Mastering First-Party Data for Marketing Success

If knowledge is power, then data is the ultimate tool when it comes to maximizing a marketing strategy. Host Matthew Tilley and expert guests discuss ways to use 1st party data to enhance and advance a marketing strategy.

Phil Rist, Propser Insights & Analytics, Headshot
Episode 24: Unlocking First-Party Data Challenges

Phil Rist, EVP of Strategy at Prosper, chats with host Matthew Tilley to break down some new research into the challenges marketing executives face when it comes to maximizing use of data and analytics.

Brand Building: Seamless Digital and Physical Marketing

Regardless of industry, an organization needs a strong North Star to orient its teams behind. Without a well-defined — and socially sound — why powering the actions of your team, your business is destined to falter, especially in trying times.