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  • People are shopping for positivity in 2022.
  • Even though expenses are on the rise, they don’t want to give up experiences that delight.
  • Here, get insight into three big priorities for consumers during the next year and recommendations to influence their decision-making.

Whether it’s for feathering the nest or venturing out on vacation, consumers are shopping for positivity in 2022.

New year’s resolutions are typically about self-improvement — often through restraint. But our latest research indicates that for most consumers, 2022 is less about restrictive resolutions and more about a resolve to spark joy.

At the root of that impulse is a mounting drive for optimism. Sixty-seven percent of consumers described the next year in positive terms, using words such as ‘good,’ ‘interesting’ and ‘fun’ to sum up their expectations — and they used the word ‘hope’ most often. With expenses on the rise, they know they have to manage their money carefully, but they don’t want to give up experiences that delight.

While this is more about planned enjoyment than unchecked indulgence, shoppers are looking for inspiration. Consumers still want timely emails and easy online purchase options when they come to buy. In fact, these kinds of offers and discounts might be just the thing to move careful spenders to indulge in those little luxuries.

Our October 2021 Awareness-to-Action survey results reveal three big priorities for consumers during the next year, and we offer recommendations for what marketers can do to help influence their decision-making.

1. Planning takes priority

Even as shoppers start out the new year with optimism, reality insists that they are also cautious with their spending. Forty percent of consumers want to put more into savings in 2022, and 65% plan to prioritize managing expenses. People are also making up for lost time, with 40% of people planning to make purchases that were put on hold over the past year.

But just because purchases are planned, doesn’t mean they can’t spark joy — and that there isn’t room to indulge. In fact, 52% of buyers said a sale would drive an impulse purchase. People are also still looking for treats, such as home accessories and travel, and there’s a growing market for personal care. Almost half (47%) of people want better solutions to manage their stress and mental health.

2. A desire for delight: at home and away

In 2022, there’s a split between people who are looking to spruce up their home and those that want to venture on vacation. But they have something in common: Both groups want the next year to be an improvement on the last, whether that’s at home, away or a mixture of the two.

A whopping 70% agree that home and family are a higher priority for them in 2022. A quarter are interested in making purchases to improve their home, while 23% want to spend on home decor and furnishings.

On the flip side, the number one major purchase planned for 2022 is taking a vacation (34% of consumers). Either way, people want a break from the same four walls.

Consumers in 2022 are nesting and taking flight

Fifty-four percent of consumers plan to focus their purchases on ‘nesting’ next year, but 46% want to spend on venturing out of the home.

Bar chart

3. Meaningful rewards over lavish living

The next year might not be total free-wheeling frivolity, but that doesn’t mean shoppers don’t want to feel good — and savvy — when they part with their cash. Over a third (38%) are more likely to respond to advertisers that reward their loyalty with personalized offers and discounts and 35% say the same for those that make them feel like valued customers.

It pays to make sure you’re top of mind, and shoppers are keen for you to get there. Half of consumers want to receive communication about sales and deals from places they shop at at least once a week.

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What can advertisers do to make deals more enticing?

Shoppers still want deals that are easy to find and easy to use. Promotions that reward customers in just one click might be the difference between spend or save in 2022.

Here are some tips to deliver better deals in the coming year:

  •  Don’t make consumers hunt for savings

63% of buyers want advertisers to make coupons and discounts easier to find

  • Take advantage of one-click discounts

42% like online ads that have the option to add items directly to their cart

  • Help shoppers embrace spontaneity

42% like ads with QR codes with coupons and discounts and 40% like ads with QR codes that give more information

  • Turn toward technology

38% agree that advertisers need to reach out to them using new or current technology

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To learn more about 2022’s optimistic and pragmatic consumers, check out our infographic summary.