• Despite being one of the hottest apps on the planet, not every business has mastered the power and reach of TikTok.

  • Businesses can make a real splash on TikTok earning the trust and incurring favor of the influencer crowd.

TikTok is booming with no end in sight. Becoming a social media star isn’t for everyone but making your business popular on social media is a fast, inexpensive way to grow your brand by reaching a very large audience with your message.

What is TikTok?

For the unindoctrinated, TikTok is a video-sharing social media app that allows content creators to share videos on any topic. Part of TikTok’s enormous worldwide success is its ability to use algorithms and trends to influence the user experience and quickly spread content throughout the community.

Despite being one of the hottest apps on the planet, not every business has mastered the power and reach of TikTok ads for boosting engagement and sales.

6 Easy Ways to Help Businesses Make the Most of TikTok Ads

Here are six easy-to-implement best practices for boosting TikTok video ad engagement:

1. Go Vertical

For best results, use the vertical video format with aspect ratio of 9:16, 1:1 or 16:9. This format makes it easier for mobile users — it’s expected, has been shown to perform better, and is tailor-made for TikTok.

2. #Unblur Videos

TikTok has high standards for user experience. Make sure your videos are crystal clear and high quality to engage your target audience. TikTok recommends ad resolution of at least 540x960px, 640x640px or 960x540px.

3. Paint Your Own Soundscape

Use sounds, music, voiceover or all of the above! The music, sounds and voices you choose for videos have a dramatic impact on your message — boosting engagement, performance and recognition. Check out TikTok’s royalty-free audio library to find the perfect video soundtrack that grabs attention, evokes emotion and makes your brand memorable.

4. Keep It Short, Sweet and to the Point

Keep users engaged with short videos (TikTok recommends between 9–15 seconds) that are relevant, high-energy and worth users’ time. Sixty-three percent of videos with the highest CTR highlight the key message or product within the first three seconds (Source: TikTok internal research).

5. Be Authentic and Appealing

It’s your time to shine on social media. Captivate your audience, have an impact on viewers — and build all-important trust — with content that’s genuine, honest and infectious. Two effective ways for brands to deliver authenticity, trustworthiness and appeal are through product transparency and using real people to review their products.

6. Amplify Your Message

Don’t just stick to one platform or channel. Get creative and use your TikTok content for other full-screen channels like Instagram or Facebook Reels, or as inspiration for print ads, to help increase your reach and engagement.

“TikTok is the world’s fastest-growing social platform. To stand out, having good quality lifestyle videos are crucial. Making it real, human and engaging is essential in building deeper relationships between a brand and their target audience.”

Alessandra Pecoraro, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing & Analytics, Product, Vericast

Hot Social Media Trends

Keeping up with latest trends is important. Tap into TikTok’s fun side with new and emerging video trends driving growth in today’s global market. Here’s a list of recent looks and styles drawing the most attention from TikTok users:

  • A Day in the Life of the Influencer: Incorporate a popular product into the cherished — and highly subscribed — daily routines of influencers, then sit back and watch your brand and business popularity soar.
  • Unboxing Videos: Phenomenally popular by delivering vicarious thrill, unboxing videos are used to showcase most any product or service.
  • Vlog-style: Example — come with me to run errands, weekend getaway, etc.
  • Product Reviews: Show the product from packaging-to-use on a narrated review or tutorial.
  • TikTok Made Me Videos: #tiktokmademebuyit and #tiktokmademeeatit are popular hashtags linking to products that work and to add to shopping lists.
  • Tutorial and Walkthroughs: Show and demonstrate your product in a step-by- step style.

Know What’s Buzzing and Trending

Awareness of the popular hashtags within the TikTok community helps businesses create better engagement with their audience. Here are the most popular hashtags, according to August 2022 research by TikTok Discover:

















TikTok Is the One Place Where It’s OK to Be a Sellout

The #tiktokmademebuyit trend began during the pandemic and continues to soar by gratifying consumers’ hunger for popular products and paving their path to purchase.

47% OF TIKTOK USERS have bought something seen on the platform

67% OF TIKTOK USERS were inspired to shop when they weren’t planning to — more than any competitor platform

Source: TikTok Marketing Science US

Influencer Marketing Is More Than a Passing Trend

Read more about why consumers turn to online content creators for advice on various products and services, including financial advice on investing, managing credit and creating budgets.

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You can make a real splash on TikTok earning the trust and incurring favor of the influencer crowd.

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