Few consumers operate on only one channel, so it’s time for advertisers to stop thinking of their holiday marketing campaigns as platform-specific. Today more than ever, most customers research and plan out every purchase – especially parents who are doing back-to-school or holiday shopping for their families.

According to a recent study, “Parents exhibit a lower incidence of planning at home than all respondents do. And display a higher incidence for at work and on-the-go planning.”

Keep in mind that omnichannel customers are incredibly valuable; when print and digital media work together they can drive purchases by more than 60 percent. As a result, marketing campaigns should focus on reaching holiday shoppers by touching them through multiple devices – including print, mobile, desktop, physical and email ad campaigns that work together to influence customers along their path-to-purchase.

So, how do you choose the right combination of touchpoints to activate your holiday customers? By working from more intelligent shopper profiles as well as blending consumer behavior and predictive intelligence to help your marketing initiatives come from a smarter place. Start by:

  • Pinpointing consumers that are most promotionally sensitive
  • Learning what your target consumers buy, where they shop, and where they are located
  • Listening for real-world location signals and shipping patterns
  • Understanding your target consumer’s click path across devices

When you’ve pinpointed each customer’s path-to-purchase, you’ll have a better idea of what platforms to use to reach them, as well as when to send out ad messages to drive them to purchase.

This way, you can blur the lines right alongside of your ideal consumer. No longer running a digital marketing campaign or a print marketing campaign, your brand can run real omnichannel marketing that’s based on who the ideal consumer is, where he or she shops, and what he or she prefers. This not only gives you more opportunities to get through to your target audience, it ensures you’re reaching them when, where and how they want to reached. And the ultimate goal – increased conversion due to holiday ad spend – is accomplished.

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