Now that 2020 is here, you’ve no doubt got your personal New Year’s resolutions in order. But did you set some marketing resolutions for the new year?

The Marketing Resolutions to Take You Into 2020

The world marketplace is evolving, so it’s important that you don’t leave this to chance. These six marketing resolutions can lead you to some new things that will pay dividends for your brand — just like resolutions can improve your personal life:

1. Get to Know Your Shoppers

Customer profiles are often based on a limited range of metrics. One-time purchases and an hour of browsing can determine the ads people see, but shoppers are more than just data points, and 81% of consumers want better, more personalized content. Your customers are human beings with full lives and should be respected as such. 

2. Demand Better Data

According to an article by Street Fight, more than 60% of location data is inaccurate, and serving ads based on that data will send your marketing campaign down a dead end. Don’t let companies sell you snapshots or faulty data. Vet your vendors for accuracy, and choose the ones that can deliver

Data is a contract between you and your customers, and it needs to work for both of you. Sixty-four percent of consumers make purchases on a whim because they receive personalized offers, and 29% say they’re more likely to do so when they get a promotion through the mail. Cross-pollinate your marketing channels and reward your customers for the information they provide.

3. Find the Right Moment

Good timing defines the shopping experience. Nobody wants to see an advertisement for suntan lotion on a rainy day, but shoppers just might be tempted if the ad pops up on the first sunny day in spring. Try new technology like conversational ads and environmental targeting and set up special offers with retail partners to reach your shoppers at the right time.

4. Be Flexible, Try New Things, and Test Them

Best-in-class advertisers don’t lock down their entire ad budget. They keep funds in reserve to test and learn. New projects, products, and initiatives might require untested tactics, and you need to find the best fit. Stay responsive and don’t overcommit the budget. Not every situation demands the same strategy. 

For instance, a product launch that targets new audiences shouldn’t look the same as a retailer-specific campaign for an old classic. Using the same tactics every time will grind your brand into a rut. Some cool new tricks might just be worth it. 

Be open to change. Branch out. Live a little, and test a lot.

5. Create Your Own Strategies

Just because a strategy is working for your competitors doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Build out campaigns based on the responses your ads get. Take the successful user stories for your brand and promote them as proof of your product’s effectiveness. 

6. Prioritize Video and Mobile Advertising

American adults spend about six hours per day watching video, says TechCrunch (citing a Nielsen report) and according to IAB, 78% of direct-to-consumer brands say they plan to increase their spend on digital video advertising in the near future. So it just makes sense to reach consumers with video advertising on mobile. We all have our phones with us practically every minute of the day, so make sure you’re reaching out to people in that space.

The new year is the perfect time to refresh and recharge. Valassis offers advertisers multichannel campaigns that can help them reach their consumers with relevant, personal messages. Contact us today to find out how we can help.