We live in a time where there is an abundance of avenues for brands to engage with modern consumers. It is clear, however, that favoring one specific channel is no longer sufficient, as consumers are proving they interact with a variety of media when it’s most convenient for them — often using multiple platforms at the same time (i.e. mobile & TV).

As newer technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR and robotic assistants increasingly enter the fold, today’s hyper connected marketing landscape begs an important question: does this proliferation add value on its own, or complicate the process for marketers to reach their target audiences?

While these technologies equip marketers with unique ways to reach their target audiences, the “shiny new object” can’t stand alone. Rather than solely focusing on the “cool” new way to draw in customers, marketers should put the consumer first, determine how to best reach their target audiences, understand which channels consumers engage with most and which are most influential in their purchase decisions and then deploy their marketing strategies accordingly. What won’t be surprising is that a blend of new and proven tactics will reign supreme. But what I believe will be surprising is that marketers should continue investing in tried and true methods of engaging consumers, in particular, the targeted, engaging experience delivered through direct mail.

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