It’s a time of year that gets sports enthusiasts excited. So, to drive awareness and sales of seasonal, Major League Baseball (MLB) team-branded peanut bags at select retailers, Hampton Farms gave Influencer Marketing a try. Learn how they achieved:

.38% CTR

Our Solution

We secured the strongest influencers (with an affinity to this brand and baseball) and amplified their authentic, organic content with highly-targeted Paid Social and Display Ads.

Precise Targeting

Using the Vericast Consumer Graph™, the brand was able to leverage location and behavior data to identify high potential buyers who were interested in peanuts, snack foods, baseball, and spring sports, as well as past buyers of peanuts and snacks in key markets.

Powerful Media & Engagement

Micro-influencers developed 62 pieces of organic content which were tested and optimized. The four best-performing ads were then targeted to consumers via Display Ads, resulting in 0.25% click through rate (CTR). Influencer content was amplified with Premium Paid Social Ads served programmatically via influencer handles on Facebook and Instagram. Engagement surpassed expectations by far!

Optimized Campaign

By optimizing influencer creative based on consumer engagement, Hampton Farms achieved a 0.38% Paid Social CTR that exceeded the 0.15% industry average. The brand also received nearly 5 million social media bonus impressions worth almost $54,000 as a result of efficiencies achieved through optimization.