This Denver La-Z-Boy dealer was a long-time Direct Mail Insert client. However, during COVID-19, they needed to pivot quickly. Learn how the client generated:



The discussions, the planning, and the next steps were so professional, respectful, and smart. (It) reassured me that Valassis is still an awesome partner.

Kevin Mauldin, Owner

Our Solution
As COVID restrictions lifted and La-Z-Boy stores reopened, the client wanted to drive sales immediately. We proposed running digital ads followed by a new omnichannel approach.

Precise Targeting

Predictive data in our Illumis™ marketing platform revealed high-propensity shoppers in-market for furniture. It also identified new prospects outside the trade area who could be reached efficiently through digital media and inspired to take action.

Multichannel Campaign
Being agile to the changing times, the client was open to trying digital advertising in order to quickly draw shoppers into their La-Z-Boy stores. After one month, they were able to implement a multichannel strategy of Direct Mail Inserts and Display Ads, which continued for two months.

Measurable Impact
The Display Ads extended consumer reach and proved to be engaging with a 0.16% click through rate — 2X higher than industry benchmarks. Overall, the omnichannel campaign influenced $2.4M in revenue and drove a positive ROI.