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A franchise owner in California was faced with the difficult decision to continue advertising once COVID-19 forced “stay in place” guidelines throughout the state. Learn how his campaign produced:



COVID-19 started to impact lives and business, we thought about cancelling our campaigns. Instead we stayed the course and it more than paid off! We immediately saw a lift in sales when our campaigns started – both from mailed Inserts and with Dynamic Mobile. Our sales are up double digit and trackable back to our media plan. The results have been a win-win, as reaching so many potential customers in need of food options has helped us keep our doors open, retain all of our employees, and even begin community assistance programs throughout many of our trade areas.

Paul Urbina, Papa John’s Franchise Owner

Our Solution

Seeing an opportunity to win market share and drive long-term growth, Paul Urbina
required a targeted campaign to entice consumers to try Papa John’s over the competition.

Precise Targeting

Using predictive intelligence from the Consumer Graph™, including location and
behavioral data, we targeted heavy QSR users and customers of other top pizza brands.

This allowed us to be efficient and effective with Paul’s advertising budget — and engage
the right people.

Powerful Media & Engagement

To motivate those customers to act, Papa John’s wanted to promote their large/extra-large
pizza offer. Marketing insights show that during COVID-19, more people are staying at
home, spending more time on their digital devices, and placing restaurant delivery and
carryout orders from their smartphones. So we devised a multichannel advertising
strategy, sending Dynamic Mobile ads to neighborhoods already receiving Direct Mail

The campaign drove high engagement — surpassing the industry average click through
rate — and most importantly, a 14.3% year-over-year sales lift.