Looking to increase brand awareness in a highly competitive category, a national pizza brand launched a TV campaign. Franchisees had the chance to keep running monthly Direct Mail Inserts or rely solely on TV advertising. Learn how they generated:


Our Solution

To learn which approach was most effective at driving sales, we analyzed sales trends pre and post the broadcast launch.

Precise Targeting

First, we improved the Insert targeting. We created a brand-specific composite index that identified frequent QSR and pizza consumers, families with children, and a likelihood to visit a restaurant based on mobile location data. This allowed us to deliver inserts via our direct mail package to the highest potential neighborhoods around participating pizza locations.

Measaurable Impact

The client shared their sales data with us so we could analyze and understand media performance. We measured year-over-year sales trends, examined from five months before the broadcast launch versus the four months post-launch. Stores that continued to run Direct Mail Inserts grew orders and sales, while those that ran TV only experienced a 1.4% decline in sales and a 3.4% decrease in orders!

Clearly, although TV can be an important aspect of a marketing plan, it cannot be the only tactic; a multichannel approach is critical to driving sales.