The Joint Chiropractic is the nation’s largest network of chiropractors, with more than 500 offices across the United States. Like most people looking for healthcare services, The Joint’s customers do a bit of research prior to deciding on a provider.

Knowing this, a major goal of their print advertising is to create awareness and spark further research online, hoping to spur subsequent downstream actions.

Lift in branded searches


“[Print] will always be an important part of our local store marketing mix.”

Josh Grove, Marketing Director at The Joint Chiropractic

The Solution

Using The Joint’s customer database, we modeled a lookalike audience and identified high-indexing neighborhoods of people with the greatest need of their services. We sent out Save Direct Mail Inserts promoting a strong membership offer to inspire these key households to act.

This led to an average 24% lift in branded search and a marked increase in direct referrals to their site (people typing in their web address).


For consumer services with longer consideration periods, supplementing local paid search with tactics like printed inserts is instrumental in driving awareness and evaluation of your offering, and ultimately results for your business.