From dramatic developments in MarTech and AdTech to shifts in digital channel algorithms and the pressure to include a multi-channel approach in your strategy… marketing can feel like a race that’s difficult to keep up with.

This is even more true for those without in-house marketers or insider knowledge of best practices. In this episode, we’re joined by Taran Sodhi, CEO of Conceptual Minds. We talk about how you can gain traction (and customers) by utilizing a simple approach: crawl, walk, run.

With a niche focus on helping auto repair shops, Taran shares exactly what it takes to successfully coach a business through marketing pushes to gain a competitive advantage, regardless of size or industry.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The niche coaching role Conceptual Minds has found in the market
  • Omni-channel marketing and whether it’s truly realistic
  • How the crawl, walk, run approach can enable you to gain the upper hand in your market
Listen to “The Competitive Edge: How to Gain Traction with Simple Marketing” on Spreaker.

About the Series…

If you’re looking for a community of marketers unwilling to settle for “good enough,” you’ve come to the right place.

Business to Human is a podcast that curates conversations with marketing leaders sharing the breakthrough marketing strategies that actually connect with people. Each episode shines a light on tough challenges, inevitable failures and heroic victories. We explore the common threads between every unique marketing challenge and the characteristics of each individual situation. Everyone thinks they can do marketing, but Business to Human proves marketing that can really connect with its audience is a bonafide superpower.

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