Financial brands have the opportunity to think about themselves differently — we are in the business of people, after all.

Exploring the intersectionality of digital insights and brand strategy opens endless doors to human connectivity. And while many businesses are headed in the right direction, financial brands have much room for growth in balancing the connective science and art of business and human approaches.

Joining us from The Financial Brand Forum in November, is Lauren Tatro, SVP Brand & Marketing Ops at Broadview Federal Credit Union. As a proven and practiced expert in finance and marketing, Lauren shares her thoughts on the status and future of financial brands.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Humanizing brands at the intersections of digital insights and brand strategy
  • Exploring the art and science of balancing business and connectivity
  • Keeping a balanced financial scorecard amidst potential recession
Listen to “Humanizing Connections: The Future of Finance” on Spreaker.

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