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CTV growth creates significant omnichannel opportunity for brands

SAN ANTONIO, November 4, 2021:Vericast survey of more than 1,000 U.S.

revealed that consumers want to stream Connected TV (CTV) outside of the home, including during long-distance travel on planes and trains.

Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company that delivers actionable insights and operational expertise at scale, conducted the survey last month to assess consumer behavior towards CTV. The results indicate opportunities for brands and marketers to better engage with consumers.

While only 26% of respondents have streamed TV during a flight and 36% on long-distance road trips in the past, 50% for each category would do so if device availability and connectivity were not a barrier. This presents new advertising opportunities for brands to spread messaging to target audiences on-the-go through CTV. The study also uncovered an interest among consumers to stream TV on public transportation and in taxis/rideshare vehicles.

“Technology advancements like 5G and broader accessibility in transportation like self-driving cars will continue to increase availability of streaming TV options among consumers.”

MIchelle Engle

“Technology advancements like 5G and broader accessibility in transportation like self-driving cars will continue to increase availability of streaming TV options among consumers,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at Vericast. “While CTV has been an important marketing channel in recent years, it’s becoming even more critical to omnichannel strategies. With consumers looking to stream more outside of their homes – and new types of connectivity coming into play – brands should evaluate how they’re incorporating CTV into their marketing mix to drive further engagement.”

Additional findings from the survey include:

Consumers see a future with TV streaming in self-driving vehicles

  • The study showed a strong desire to stream TV in autonomous vehicles. Consumers anticipate streaming and self-driving vehicles will merge in the future, with many saying if they could stream TV anywhere inside a self-driving vehicle, they would consider doing it through the center console (41%), on the windshield head-up display projection (24%) or other entertainment screens inside the vehicle (24%).
  • Only 37% said they would not consider streaming TV inside a self-driving vehicle.

Consumers increasingly prefer CTV over traditional TV formats

  • 75% of consumers currently stream content at home via their television and 41% currently stream via a smartphone.

This represents a five percentage point increase over findings from a Vericast survey conducted in February 2021, when 70% of consumers reported that they were currently using streaming TV services and 68% said they were willing to share data with brands to improve their streaming TV ad experience.


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