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Conversations highlight how marketing leaders face and overcome business challenges

SAN ANTONIO, October 13, 2022: Vericast today launched Business to Human, a podcast series dedicated to spotlighting breakthrough marketing strategies that successfully connect brands with consumers.

Business to Human features insightful interviews with marketing and business leaders from financial, retail, grocery, consumer packaged goods and other industries covering a variety of topics such as ensuring data security, nurturing customer loyalty, how to reach new audiences, and more.

Today’s marketers face an uphill battle in acquiring and making customer data actionable at scale. While 46% of consumers surveyed by Vericast expect retailers to provide personalized promotions based on their purchase habits and interests, a recent study from McKinsey reveals that only 33% of consumers believe that companies are currently using their data responsibly.

Vericast’s Business to Human podcast aims to share stories from marketers and business leaders who strive to balance customer needs and expectations while adhering to new privacy regulations in a cookie-less future – and much more.

“The rapid evolution of marketing tools and technology have made leveraging customer data increasingly complex,” said Matthew Tilley, host of the Business to Human podcast and Executive Director of Content Marketing at Vericast. “With this series, we will shine a light on the breakthrough strategies today’s marketing leaders are using to conquer this complexity and successfully engage with customers (humans) at every touchpoint.”

The first episode debuts today and features guest DeLynn Byars, Senior Vice President of Marketing at First South Financial Credit Union. Byars discusses how to address the challenge of converting new members into long-term loyal customers.

The 20+ episode series will post every two weeks. Future guests include David Raab, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Customer Data Platform Institute, a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping companies manage customer data, and Jennifer D’Amico, Chief Marketing Officer at CommonWealth Central Credit Union.

Business to Human is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.

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