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No Cookies or Device IDs!

SAN ANTONIO, May 18, 2021: Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company that delivers actionable insights and operational expertise at scale, today announces the launch of Household Connect, a digital solution from its Valassis line of business, that uniquely connects data to a digital household in a manner that respects consumers’ privacy choices. Household Connect will be a key element of the Consumer Graph award-winning technology that enables brands to anticipate intent and intelligently engage with their best audience.

Following recent major privacy shifts in the industry, many brands are facing the sudden challenge of accurately targeting consumers without using cookies. Household Connect’s exclusive, patent-pending targeting approach is not reliant on cookies or device IDs. Household Connect examines relationships between devices based on their behaviors to create digital households. By associating digital households with physical addresses, we can reach like-minded consumers across both print and digital media. The solution is built to scale and targets large audiences of consumers in highly relevant ways, despite having fewer identifiers to work with.

“In the world of advertising technology, the only constant is change,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer, Digital Marketing & Technology Solutions at Vericast. “We have spent over a decade laying the groundwork and investing in technology that is purpose built to adapt to current and future industry changes. This approach has allowed us to rapidly evolve our marketing technology amidst changing regulations to continue helping our clients reach their consumers in highly resonant ways. With Household Connect, we are grounding our technology in the digital household, empowering marketers to continue to deliver relevant, personalized targeting in a privacy-preserving and scalable manner.”

Household Connect provides the power and flexibility that today’s businesses need to:

  • Engage the right customers in a way that respects their privacy choices
  • Connect to consumers across channels to build meaningful experiences
  • Expand targeted customers by finding more like them across marketing channels

Learn more about Household Connect.

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