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Features & Benefits

  • Caller Insights – Gain valuable knowledge about campaign performance, know who is calling, when they are calling, unique vs. repeat callers, and leads generated
  • Conversation Intelligence – Listen to calls on demand to gather a comprehensive view into customer interactions, identify delighted, disgruntled, or high-intent customers, and hear products discussed
  • Continuous Feedback Loop -Guide decision making for future advertising campaigns and internal business decisions, track regional performance, or utilize for customer service training

Broadly and accurately measure leads – the effect of marketing activity on lead generation across all ad formats.


  • Understand when key call events happen that indicate high purchase intent
  • Understand customer lost opportunity – unanswered calls, hold time, transfer, IVR
  • Improve sales performance by easily and efficiently reviewing conversations

Adjust advertising strategy to maximize ad spend across all channels and to drive and close qualified leads.

How IT WorkS

Marchex delivers AI-driven insights and solutions to help companies find, engage and nurture their most valuable customers across voice and text-based communication channels.  Call analytics shows the channel, campaign and keyword that drove the consumer to engage with the business. The goal is to give marketers a clearer idea about what marketing channels work best for their business.

*Some limitations may apply.  Campaign must meet feasibility requirements.