Benefits of Integrated Digital Redemption


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Digital paperless coupons are a promising way to expand the reach of a manufacturer’s promotional offers in formats such as Coupon-to-Card, Mobile, Text and Email. Paperless coupons, however, also have the potential to significantly complicate the job of protecting your company’s coupon redemption investment.

After all, the settlement process already generates hundreds – if not thousands – of payment streams from you to your retailers. Now, imagine doubling the number of payment streams you must manage – one stream for each retailer’s paper coupons and another for their paperless. If those payments are being managed by multiple suppliers with different processes, controls and data requirements, then your ability to protect your company’s coupon redemption investment could quickly deteriorate.

At Vericast, we have a better way.

Instead of developing a whole new process to handle paperless coupons, we’ve leveraged the technology and controls within our paper coupon settlement process to create a fully integrated, media-neutral settlement solution. The process features built-in flexibility and controls to handle all types of coupons, both paper and paperless.

Vericast’s integrated settlement service is helping our manufacturer clients benefit from:

  • Time-tested controls and electronic data-management processes that are sustainable and proven by Vericast for handling extremely high transaction volumes.
  • A unified view of their promotional events and overall coupon program in one convenient place to enhance analysis and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Greater efficiency as a result of not needing to maintain costly, redundant infrastructures for settling paper and paperless coupons.
  • A financial management process of the highest integrity that is appropriately segregated from digital media sales or distribution services, ensuring that the security and confidentiality of client data are maintained.
  • Peace of mind from knowing that they are entrusting their paper and paperless coupon investments to the market leader for all forms of coupon settlement.

Integrate your digital coupon redemption with Vericast today for greater efficiency and clarity.