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And, you have a responsibility to protect that money, so your company can accomplish the most with its promotional dollars.

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With much at stake, you need a redemption agent you can trust to provide you with the controls, advice and transparency that will minimize losses and reduce risk. Such an agent choice is important because, at any given time, you may have millions of dollars in cash and coupons to keep track of that are moving between you, your agent and thousands of your retailer trading partners. If you’re being steered in the wrong direction, you can quickly lose money invested in your coupon promotions to fraud, inefficiency or even simple human error.

That’s why, for nearly 60 years, leading consumer packaged goods companies have trusted NCH to help them protect their coupon investments with high quality, superior integrity and advanced technological solutions for the settlement of their cents-off coupon transactions from retailers. With our keen focus on coupon settlement services, we can help you control risk and eliminate waste in both paper and digital coupon redemption.