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If you want less waste, less risk and more cost-effective coupon promotions, then Vericast can help you too. To find out how we can help, call 847-317-5500 or click the link below to:

To help you make the most of your company’s investment in paper and paperless coupon redemption, Vericast provides some of the most robust and reliable coupon information management tools available in the coupon marketplace.

For example, our proprietary coupon information portal, LAUNCH™, features a comprehensive set of tools and reporting capabilities to help you accomplish almost any job faster and more effectively. The online portal provides a direct link into Vericast’s vast information warehouse, so you can quickly gather actionable information about your offers, your retailers and even the overall performance of your company’s coupon program.

When you view your coupon program through LAUNCH, it’s like having the blindfold removed. You can finally see what you’ve been missing.

This powerful tool can help you:

  • Plan and budget for upcoming promotional activity, estimating how different coupon tactics are likely to impact your redemption results.
  • Minimize risk and simplify the process of developing and releasing new offers with LAUNCH’s offer creation controls. LAUNCH can even help you streamline your barcoding process by integrating directly with the Pinpoint Data barcode generating service.
  • Manage and monitor ongoing promotional activity, using the latest redemption results and deviation analyses to make sure your budgets remain in line with the actual performance of each offer.
  • Understand how your total per-coupon costs vary from one retailer or clearinghouse to another.
  • Track top redeemers and first-time redeemers, and monitor coupon submission patterns for any sudden or suspicious changes.
  • Evaluate and adjust your payment policies to enhance controls and optimize promotional efficiency.
  • Work with your trading partners to effectively resolve billing concerns.
  • Improve post-audit recovery of deductions and excess costs.

With Vericast, you get an open accounting of everything we do on your behalf. You stay informed. And, that means you stay in control.