How to Submit Paper Coupons Directly To Vericast Manufacturers


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Please follow the instructions outlined below when submitting coupons for payment.

Sort the coupons by manufacturer. A manufacturer is determined by the product or manufacturer name printed in the coupon’s legal verbiage

Prepare an invoice for each manufacturer. Reference a sample invoice form.

Submit a complete invoice with each coupon submission. The invoice should contain the following information:

  • Store Name 
  • Physical Store Address 
  • Mailing Address (if different from physical store address)
  • Vericast Retailer Account Number (when available)
  • Invoice Number (this can consist of numbers and letters, preferably not the date of submission)
  • Invoice Date (the date coupons are being submitted)
  • Claimed Dollar Amount (including face value, handling and transportation costs).The claimed dollar amount is calculated as follows: 
  1. Itemize the number of coupons by face value. 
  2. Enter numbers under the appropriate column heading “# of coupons” and “face value”.   
  3. Multiply number of coupons by face value to equate extended value. 
  4. Total extended value column to arrive at a sub-total extended value
  5. Sum number of coupons to arrive at total coupon count
  6. Multiply total coupon count by handling rate, enter total handling
  7. Enter your transportation costs 
  8. Sum total face value + total handling + transportation costs and enter grand total.

Mail the invoice and coupons to the designated manufacturer. Use only the most recently issued coupon to determine the correct redemption address. Do not send coupons to Vericast Corporate office.

For all Vericast manufacturer clients, please address as follows:

(Manufacturer Name) (Manufacturer Number as referenced in coupon legal verbiage)
PO Box 880001
El Paso, TX 88588-0001

Make a copy of all invoices submitted for your records.

Place coupons in an envelope or box and seal securely.

Consider obtaining proof of delivery at your own discretion.