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In today’s complex and rapidly changing coupon marketplace, it’s not possible to go it alone, especially when you’re dealing with millions of dollars, spread across hundreds of stores and thousands of manufacturer trading partners. And, most business professionals today have multiple responsibilities beyond coupon-related transactions.

That’s where Vericast comes in. Our people thoroughly understand the dynamics of the coupon marketplace.

Talk to any one of our retailer clients, and you’ll hear how they value the consultative advice and personalized service they receive from Vericast. That’s because:

  • With a tenure exceeding that of others in the industry, our people are among the most experienced in coupon settlement.
  • Our team thoroughly understands the coupon marketplace from both sides of the trading equation, which translates to more practical and actionable advice.
  • Instead of diluting our expertise by pursuing diverse business ventures, we’ve honed it by staying keenly focused on coupon settlement.
  • Our people take time to fully understand each client’s unique needs, and they are intimately involved in helping each client achieve their coupon settlement objectives.

Vericast clients will tell you that they’re able to allocate their resources to enhancing controls, improving business results and managing their most critical matters because the expertise, advice and involvement of Vericast business advisors help them to save time and protect their companies’ assets.

When you work with Vericast, you will be surrounded and supported by a team that has the knowledge, experience and passion to make a significant and measurable difference in your business. That’s our promise to you. That’s our involvement in your success.