Flexible Invoicing and Payment Options to Meet Your Needs


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At Vericast, we understand that cash management needs differ from retailer to retailer. That’s why we offer a wide range of flexible invoicing and payment options to meet the unique needs of every client we serve.

Vericast’s customized, retailer-specific capabilities help ensure that your individualized face value reimbursement, data management and coupon handling income needs are being met. For example:

  • Clients have the flexibility to set their coupon invoice charges across a wide variety of parameters to meet their unique needs. Invoice charge customization is available at an individual manufacturer level, as is the ability to have different charges for paper versus paperless coupons.
  • The majority of clients also opt for our consolidated payment and reconciliation program. As a result of having a consolidated payment stream and a central view of all coupon transactions, Vericast’s retailer clients are able to manage their coupon programs more efficiently and effectively while minimizing time wasted on collection issues.
  • We also have options for clients who desire more direct involvement in transactional receipts and collections.
  • Through participation in our one-count program, which includes intracompany transfer benefits, Vericast’s retailer clients benefit from even faster payments across the vast majority of their manufacturer coupon volume.

Vericast’s fully integrated paper and paperless coupon receivable management service is utilized by clients to streamline oversight, payment and analysis, regardless of each coupon’s funding source. Best of all, Vericast’s scale and efficiency make it affordable for you to obtain high-quality, well controlled and transparent coupon settlement services.