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As a retailer accepting coupons, your company can quickly create a large receivable in just a day – and even more over a week’s time.

And, you are faced with the difficult responsibility of protecting the financial integrity of all your company’s coupon-related transactions, including those generated by paper and digital coupons, from vendors and from your own store marketing campaigns.

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With so much money at risk, it’s important to have a coupon audit and settlement provider that will deliver the controls and visibility you need to limit your exposure and minimize losses. The company you select must be one you can trust with your company’s name and reputation, as they’ll account for your funds and interact with your trading partners.

Vericast’s high-quality, well controlled and completely transparent services will provide you with an independent audit of your coupon operations to detect weaknesses from store level through financial reconciliation. Our technology investments and unique expertise will help you manage the complexities of coupon settlement while avoiding hidden risks and costs that have left other retailers exposed in today’s marketplace. Our clients have increased store accountability to reduce losses. And, with our first-hand knowledge of what manufacturers expect of a retailer clearinghouse, we’ll help you minimize payment disputes and achieve faster payment turnarounds.