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We understand that when you outsource important financial transactions like your coupon receivables, you’re counting on someone to manage your money according to the same high ethical, legal and accounting standards that you use in your own business.

That’s why Vericast acts responsibly on your behalf, protecting the financial integrity of every transaction we touch. Nothing is hidden. So, you can feel confident that Vericast is handling your coupon transactions in the most responsible and financially sound manner.

One way we do that is to utilize only Vericast employees in Vericast-owned facilities to process and invoice your coupons. We’ve invested in custom-built Mexico operations that feature a syndicated coupon processing system and state-of-the-art scanning technologies to provide the accuracy, traceability and flexibility required when so much money is at stake. It’s the foundation of our strong financial controls.

Vericast’s financial controls include further safeguards such as:
  • Vericast provides every client with a comprehensive audit trail and complete disclosure of our payment adjustment process, so they can monitor each transaction throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • We maintain tight quality and security procedures in each of our Mexico processing facilities, including controlled access to our on-site storage and destruction area, remote monitoring, database controls, detailed QC audits, random searches and policies prohibiting employees from bringing personal items into or out of the production area.
  • We annually put over 200 controls through a rigorous independent examination by a Big Four accounting firm. This comprehensive testing produces a SOC 1 Type 2 report covering our entire coupon processing system in Mexico (all locations), including data capture, billing, security, information systems and contingency controls.
  • The strength of our controls is evidenced by the depth and quality of our processing. Vericast has helped many clients significantly reduce the number of face value adjustments. And, we’ve helped them get their claim-audit variances and store returns down to a mere fraction of a percent.

With our quality processing and strong financial controls, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your transactions are being handled quickly and efficiently with the greatest care and integrity.