UNDERSTAND how and where to focus your marketing dollars in order to maximize returns

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We identify strategic growth opportunities, high-performing geographies, optimal promotional tactics, and key consumer audiences to answer your business questions and optimize your media investment

  • Identify untapped audiences: Use previous buyers’ profiles to target new audiences, uncovering additional markets and opening revenue opportunities
  • Realize stronger performance: Refine the who, what, where and when of your media plan to generate stronger results
  • Spend funds more efficiently: Reinvest dollars to focus on the most effective areas, stores, audiences, and tactics
  • Optimize media mix: Execute your campaigns using a custom combination of media that will drive shoppers to your brand


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How IT WorkS

  1. Analyze brand-level performance vs. the category and competition from a sales, shopper behavior, and promotional offer perspective in order to uncover growth opportunities
  2. Examine the promotional strategy of the brand and key competitors across offers, duration, face value, circulation, and discount to retail
  3. Identify where redemptions are driving sales performance by conducting a market-level cluster analysis of sales rate vs. redemption rate
  4. Drive sales efficiently with a media agnostic optimization approach based on high performing consumer profiles and market level performance; test and refine

*Some limitations may apply.  Campaign must meet feasibility requirements.