How to Get Saturation Rates


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The USPS offers postage discounts based on the number of pieces mailed in each postal carrier route or neighborhood. A carrier route is simply the grouping of addresses that a postal employee delivers to on a daily basis. To qualify for a saturation rate, you must mail to at least 90% of the active residential addresses or at least 75% of the total number of residential and business addresses in each carrier route receiving your mail. Few lists other than Valassis offer this ability to maximize your postal savings.

The USPS also requires that a saturation list be sorted in “walk sequence.” Organizing a list in walk sequence limits the interaction the USPS has with the mail piece by placing each piece in the order that the mail carriers walk/drive their route. Following these guidelines positions your mail in a classification called “Enhanced Carrier Route Walk Sequence” or ECRWSS. This significantly lowers your postage rate, dropping it down from the ever-rising first class rates by as much as 60%. Valassis helps you obtain the lowest possible discounts among any of the other available postal discounts.

Valassis lists are always provided in walk sequence. Additionally, if you provide the weight and thickness of the piece as well as the zip code of the post office you are planning to mail it from, the Valassis List Group can also coordinate the postal presort.

The advantages of using the Valassis Residential Database are clear: mail to every available potential customer in your area and benefit from the most substantial postage savings. Plus you get improved customer acquisition and retention.