The Only Residential Mailing List of all USPS® Addresses Updated and Mailed Weekly
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The nation’s largest direct mail marketing company, Valassis compiles America’s most complete residential bulk mailing list. We have to because we mail it ourselves for the Save Direct Mail product. At 99.99% coverage of all addresses, Valassis offers “saturation” opportunities for every mailer, large or small, to reach every potential customer in every targeted neighborhood.

Before you buy any other mailing list, let Valassis show you how to get the lowest saturation mail postage rate with our highly accurate, very affordable consumer occupant file. Valassis offers the largest commercially available Computerized Delivery Sequence® (CDS) file in the U.S. that complies with USPS® walk sequence rules for the lowest discount postage rates.

Updated weekly by our internal List Services group, the Valassis National Enhanced File undergoes a meticulous, proprietary scrubbing process. We review numerous addresses weekly and identify and correct address errors found in CDS processing.

Valassis National Enhanced File Counts

Total Addresses 165,000,000
Total Residential 151,000,000
Total Businesses 14,000,000

Get the Lowest Discount Postage Possible on a Consumer Mailing List

Fully qualified with the USPS®, our direct marketing lists meet all standards to receive carrier route, walk sequence postal discounts. While postage continues to rise, many Valassis clients are able to lower their overall mailing costs by using our comprehensive list and our expert direct mailing consultation. Our mailers attain the lowest postage rate tier because Valassis provides the maximum number of addresses in any neighborhood or census tract. This is called the “saturation rate,” which when combined with the affordable cost of our consumer database, can significantly lower overall direct mail campaign costs

With Valassis Lists You Get:

  • Better Coverage—Valassis has the most rural route city style addresses and reaches 27% more addresses than other national files for complete market reach.
  • Better ROI—Reach geographic areas where only your best prospects reside, using the most cost-effective data on the market. Valassis cuts waste and increases return on advertising investment.
  • Better Postal Discounts—With discounts at both the saturation and high-density levels, Valassis can save you money no matter how much or how little you mail.
  • Better Deliverability—As the largest USPS® customer, and mailer of our own file, Valassis goes to great lengths to ensure the deliverability of each and every address. We monitor mailer feedback to further maintain accuracy.
  • Better Quality—Updated weekly via the United States Postal Service®, Valassis edits the addresses through our proprietary system. The process results in such a high level of accuracy that the USPS® actually uses Valassis’ feedback to improve the USPS® file quality.
  • Better Processing Value—Because our file is CASS™ certified, you avoid paying your lettershop for this processing.

Because we maintain and mail our own file – over 70 million mail pieces each week – you can be confident that your mail pieces will reach your precise target market. You can blanket entire regions of prospective customers, leaving out areas where you know that customers cannot be found, while maintaining the greatest postal discounts. Order by any geography online or contact us at 1-800-695-0957 to discuss your geographic area needs.