Vericast leverages the most flexible customer data platform on the market – able to fully integrate your data with existing systems, consolidate views and insight across multiple vendors and streamline your data and insight workflows. You get to spend more time understanding, reaching and engaging your customers and less time wrangling with the data.

Fueling the Future of Connecting People to Businesses

This technology forms the basis of our future innovation as we continue to make meaningful connections between businesses and the people they serve.

Features & Benefits

Eliminating data wrangling

Consolidate data from all data sources and make sure it’s clean, current and trustworthy. The result: a complete and accurate view of your customers with a lot less heavy lifting.

Connecting all your data

Vericast can future proof your technology stack by enabling easy integration. Keep what you love, replace what you don’t and never lose connection to the data and insight you need.

Providing transparent journey mapping

See exactly which programs are working in real-time using our quick and intuitive journey mapping.

Delivering breakthrough insight

Our machine learning system surfaces the hidden insight, trends and breakthrough moments that will make your marketing investment go even further.

Bridging online and offline marketing

Combine online and offline customer segmentation in the same interface to seamlessly coordinate targeting across marketing channels.