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Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Direct Mail

Krissie Krenz, director of print products for Vericast shares how marketers can use a variety of direct mail formats to enhance the efficacy of their existing campaigns, achieving win-win results for brands and consumers.

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Yes, Print Ads Are Still Relevant

In this article from Progressive Grocer, Curtis Tingle, chief marketing officer at Vericast, provides insight from Vericast’s recent Direct Mail Influence Study.

2024 Vericast Marketing Outlook Report Cover
What’s in Store for 2024: New Vericast Report Presents 7 Pivotal Marketing Insights

Vericast recently identified seven data-supported insights we believe will shape the marketing industry this year. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

The Competitive Edge: How to Gain Traction With Simple Marketing

The increasing pressure to incorporate an omnichannel approach in your marketing strategy can feel like a race that’s difficult to keep up with. Taran Sodhi talks about how to you can compete.

3 (Affordable) Ways Brands Can Use Personalization in Direct Mail

By personalizing to the household, brands can reach more of the right customers and potential customers for their brand, all while keeping marketing costs lower.

Episode 11: 2023 Consumer Insights w/Dipanjan Chatterjee

Listen as Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, talks about marketing strategies to reach and keep customers in the current environment.

Purchase with precision to streamline your operations.
3 Common Retail Headaches Cured By Precise Purchasing

The task of ordering banking and treasury supplies isn’t particularly glamourous but purchasing decisions have a significant impact on your business’s operations and bottom line. Precise and accurate banking and treasury supply ordering can save you money.

Can Coupons Save the Day?

People are willing to spend money — they just want deals. With the right coupon strategy, retailers can serve them up and boost their revenue.

Prioritizing and Building a Strong Brand Identity

Successful brand building and brand development are the primary fuel for powering the overall growth of an organization. But how do you build a brand while still increasing your customer base?