Move consumers from online ad to action

64% of consumers aged 25-34 and 69% of consumers aged 35-44 say products advertised on streaming TV are more relevant than those advertised on traditional cable TV.1

Consumers have so many choices to make and paths they can take to discover, learn, purchase and experience a brand. Engaging consumers when, where and how they want to be reached is only part of the challenge. Understanding consumers — who they are, their interests and behaviors — is fundamental to capturing attention and growing your business.

Our digital advertising solution moves consumers from online ad to action. With Vericast, financial institutions can leverage deep insights into consumer interests, browsing behaviors, and purchase experiences to predict intent and pinpoint individuals who are most likely to respond to your marketing campaigns.

We help you to harness the power of consumer intelligence to turn online engagement into a true competitive advantage.

1Vericast, TV Ads Trigger Sales Especially Among Younger Set, March 2021.


Our award-winning consumer graph connects billions of everyday behaviors so you can create meaningful connections how, when and where it matters.

The Vericast Advantage:
Consumers receive messages relevant to their needs, building brand affinity and keeping you top of mind.