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2024 Vericast Marketing Outlook Report Cover
What’s in Store for 2024: New Vericast Report Presents 7 Pivotal Marketing Insights

Vericast recently identified seven data-supported insights we believe will shape the marketing industry this year. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Episode 21: What’s working for consumers right now?

Business to Human host Matthew Tilley breaks down current trends across the CPG and grocery sector and how those trends impact both marketers and consumers.

TrendWatch Series CPG and Grocery TrendWatch cover image
The Tangible Touch of Savings: The Continued Power of Print and Digital Coupons

Brands looking to differentiate themselves in this fiercely competitive market should not underestimate the power of age-old marketing tools: coupons, deals, and promotions.

2023 CPG + Grocery TrendWatch: What Drives Today’s Shoppers
Vericast’s 2023 TrendWatch report dives deep into the intricate landscape of the Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) and grocery sectors. The…
The Evolution of the Retail Environment

Hans Fischmann of Vericast shares his thoughts on what’s coming for the store experience and what will be required to get us there.

Why are circulars a big deal
Why Circulars Are Still a Big Deal

Print circulars remain a vital tool in retail marketing. Discover why consumers still value these ads and how retailers can effectively use them.

Episode 16: The Evolution of the Retail Environment

Hans Fischmann, VP of Product Management for Vericast describes what’s in-store for the in-store experience and what it will take to get us there.

Mail ad readership and circular shopping stats
The Power of Printed Circulars: Fueling Multichannel Success in Reaching Today’s Consumers

Retailers that embrace a balanced approach to marketing and incorporate printed circulars into their strategies will be better positioned to succeed in a highly competitive retail landscape.

3 (Affordable) Ways Brands Can Use Personalization in Direct Mail

By personalizing to the household, brands can reach more of the right customers and potential customers for their brand, all while keeping marketing costs lower.