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Restuarnt Marketing Challenges
From Device to Table: Cracking Your Restaurant’s Marketing Challenges

Restaurant operators are facing a dynamic market, with 55% of consumers dining out as much or more than before the pandemic.1 But competition is fierce, requiring a focused approach to drive traffic and secure your spot as a diner’s top choice.

2024 Restaurant TrendWatch

Vericast’s 2024 Restaurant TrendWatch report provides insights on navigating the future of dining with precision and innovation.

CTV Getting Started
CTV Getting Started: Your Checklist for Selecting a CTV Advertising Partner

Selecting a CTV partner involves more than just technical compatibility; it’s about finding a collaborator who aligns with your brand’s goals, values, and aspirations. As you navigate through this checklist, you’ll discover key questions you should ask to ensure your journey into CTV advertising is not just successful but transformative.

CTV Getting Started Guide
Your Checklist for Selecting a CTV Advertising Partner

Choosing a CTV ad partner with strong targeting capabilities, robust reporting, and high-quality inventory is essential for a successful campaign. In this guide, you’ll find a roadmap for how to evaluate CTV partners to ensure your brand’s message reaches the right audience with impact and efficiency.

Optimizing Visibility: CTV Drives Sales for Eye Care Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company specializing in eye care wanted to drive awareness of a new over-the-counter (OTC) eye care product at several hundred locations of a major big box retailer.

Ex-“Stream” Advertising 101
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CVT Masterclass Video
Unlocking Success in CTV Advertising: A Masterclass for Media Buyers
As CTV continues to reshape the advertising ecosystem, media buyers are presented with opportunities and challenges. Our masterclass addresses these…
The CTV Blueprint: Illuminating the Path to Successful Advertising
Choosing the right marketing solution can be overwhelming given the myriad of choices today. Our Connected TV (CTV) Buyer’s Guide…
Six Elements To Consider While Designing A New Acquisition Campaign
Traditional banks have long dominated the banking landscape, but more consumers are embracing online banks. People are switching to innovative…