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Navigating Acquisition Marketing
Navigating the Financial Services Landscape: Strategies for Customer Growth, Deposits & Retention

The challenge of securing deposits while grappling with shrinking marketing budgets is omnipresent. Financial institutions are on a continuous quest for smarter approaches to household acquisition. Learn more.

Valuable Consumer Insight for Planning Your Next Deposit and Acquisition Campaign

Don’t plan your next deposit and acquisition campaign without considering this important insight.

Episode 23: Marketing for Financial Institutions in an Uncertain Economy

Matthew Tilley speaks with industry experts Lisa Nicholas, Chris Phelan, and Stephenie Williams to break down the challenges marketers in financial institutions face in uncertain economic conditions, and how to work through them.

Humanizing Connections: The Future of Finance

Lauren Tatro of Broadview Federal Credit Union shares her thoughts on the status and future of financial brands.

The Biggest Banking Challenges Your Customers Face

Vericast’s Lisa Nicholas and Stephenie Williams share the best ways banks and credit unions can market themselves to customers and prospects today.

The Modern Marketing Toolkit & The “Data Problem”

Leigh Anne Bentley discusses “the data problem” and other marketing challenges she’s had to tackle as a CMO of a credit union.

Informed by data, strategic insights fuel acquisition marketing
Maximizing Acquisition Strategies: How to Take Control and Drive Growth Through Data-Driven Insights

The sheer volume and complexity of consumer data can be overwhelming, and effectively managing and utilizing it requires collaboration. By harnessing the power of first- and third-party consumer data marketers can achieve greater success.

Checklist: Optimal Data Points for Successful Acquisition Marketing Campaigns
Financial institutions need to prioritize key data points to better understand their target market and build a relationship with potential…
Episode 12: A Financial Institution’s Guide To Reaching Customers

Listen as Lisa Nicholas and Stephenie Williams of Vericast talk about how financial institutions can reach and keep customers in the current environment.