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Brand Building: Seamless Digital and Physical Marketing

Regardless of industry, an organization needs a strong North Star to orient its teams behind. Without a well-defined — and socially sound — why powering the actions of your team, your business is destined to falter, especially in trying times.

Episode 22: 4 Things You Can Do To Achieve Your Marketing Dreams

Elizabeth Weddle, Director of Product Marketing for MessageGears, addresses the challenges faced by marketers today, AI adoption, trends like no-code personalization, as well as practical tips for success and latest strategies to elevate your marketing game.

From Data to Dollars: How AI Can Help Marketers
Four Ways AI Helps Today’s Marketer See Better Results

AI is here to stay, and marketers who aren’t onboard yet should get onboard quickly. Because AI has emerged as a game-changer for marketers. Dive into four ways AI is changing marketing.

The Ultimate Guide To CDMP Investment
Q&A Session: Addressing Common Queries on CDMP Selection
In the competitive retail market, investing in a Customer Data Marketing Platform (CDMP) is pivotal for growth-driven companies. One of…
Episode 21: What’s working for consumers right now?

Business to Human host Matthew Tilley breaks down current trends across the CPG and grocery sector and how those trends impact both marketers and consumers.

It's not magic. It's media mix modeling.
7 Reasons Marketers Need Media Mix Modeling

Every marketer understands the challenge of meeting the demands of a key executive who insists on precise ROI figures for every dollar invested in media. How can you, as a marketer, demonstrate what’s working right now?

Episode 20: Brand Building: Seamless Digital and Physical Marketing

Alyssa Armor, Director of Digital Marketing at United Community Bank, discusses ensuring the digital experience matches the in-branch experience — a key for the modern market.

Consumer Privacy Infographic
Master Consumer Privacy in the Digital Age
In an era where data is power, understanding consumer privacy is pivotal for effective marketing. Dive deep with our infographic…
Championing Consumer Trust Through Data Privacy

The bond between consumers and brands is deeply rooted in trust, reinforced by transparency and control over data. Read on to learn how to develop a solid brand-consumer relationship.