Our Influencer Marketing goes beyond organic reach by marrying beautiful, authentic influencer content with programmatic paid social ads

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Features & Benefits

Influencer Content

Secure credible influencers to produce authentic, compelling content that lends your brand trusted, third party recommendations.

  • Our artificial intelligence technology taps into deep insights about thousands of our in-network influencers to hone in on the strongest, specific candidates for each program
  • Each influencer undergoes stringent, ongoing vetting measures that validate audience and content quality and ensure maximum impact in our paid media
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Influencer Media

Expand your impact — sharing influencer content in premium paid social ads and maximizing your ROI.

  • Industry-leading audience targeting, powered by the Vericast Consumer Graph™, ensures your premium influencer content reaches your exact customers and prospects
  • Premium technology pulls the influencer content into paid social ads that are served via the influencers’ handles programmatically and are optimized in real-time based on performance
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