Engage consumers and small businesses the moment they open an account — online or in-person

How it Works

We help financial institutions drive a rising tide of new deposits and high-yield customers to in today’s competitive landscape.

Account Advisor is programmed with customer dialogues focused on uncovering a customer’s unique financial needs through a logical series of questions and then guides them to exactly the right product(s) to fulfill their needs. Account Advisor removes inconsistency in approaches to help financial institutions discover needs at the time a new account is opened, whether online or in-branch. The result is consistent, relevant and accurate recommendations that improve:

  • Multichannel communication
  • Customer experience
  • Customer retention
  • Account growth
  • Product fit
  • Product utilization

By leveraging Account Advisor to supplement your online and in-branch account opening process, your financial institution can deepen relationships from the moment of account opening, provide an exceptional customer experience, boost qualified digital applications and reduce attrition.

  • Guided conversations using Account Advisor average two additional products/services opened2
  • Guides deliver a 40%+ improvement in customer satisfaction3
  • Online application rates are 4x higher with guide use4
  • Reduced attrition due to improved needs matching

Account Advisor transforms customer engagement with dynamic customer-facing digital conversation guides that consistently and accurately uncover and address consumer needs across all major lines of business at the financial institution.

How it Works

Features & Benefits

Account Advisor Benefits
  • Consistent, trackable and compliant conversations and recommendations
  • Better engage with consumers and be viewed as a true financial advisor
  • Higher account opening completion rate
  • Gain more applications online
  • Consistent, complete and accurate accounts opened with visibility across the organization
  • Improve sales efficiency and reduce turnover
  • Ensure the right accounts are opened by the right customers
  • Know the potential of relationships from the moment the first account is opened
  • Acquire current client and market data to inform your marketing, product development, training, expansion and strategic decision-making
  • Meet revenue growth objectives
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Consistently match customer needs with relevant products

Matching customers to financial products and services today is complex – it can be difficult for branch staff to understand each customer’s financial situation and needs. Human error or bias can lead to inaccurate product recommendations. When given the ability to choose their own products, consumers select the most appropriate products only 30 percent of the time because they don’t fully understand the products or services.

Account advisor guided product selection

Now there’s a way to engage customers and small businesses and make accurate, consistent product and service recommendations that meet their unique financial needs and challenges. Account Advisor uses digital conversations to engage retail and small business customers, empower employees and ensure customers are always presented with products appropriate for them. Account Advisor uses the IQ Analytics portal which provides advanced reporting and gives stakeholders such as sales representatives, managers and product management important insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of every customer interaction. Account Advisor’s guided product selection leads to 98 percent of consumers selecting the products that best fit their needs.