Our turnkey gift card, prepaid debit card, and Visa® TravelMoney® programs, can be purchased separately or in combination with any other of our Prepaid Card programs. Existing Prepaid Card clients can easily add the gift card, prepaid debit or Visa TravelMoney® to their current offerings, allowing your employees to use the same username/password for all programs.

Features & Benefits

Institutions of All Sizes Benefit

Smaller institutions prefer the low entry cost that lets them provide a service generally found at larger institutions, while adding a modest revenue generator to their product mix. Larger institutions may want a turnkey, hassle-free product solution that lets them expand their current prepaid products with complementary offerings.

A Turnkey Program at Its Best

Our turnkey, low-risk prepaid card programs have set the standard in program quality, efficiency and customer service. They feature the highest security, robust reporting, inventory management, and marketing, as well as an improved experience for all.

Up and Running

We get your prepaid card program up and running in no time, including providing the BIN, Visa® and network reporting and back-office work, even chargeback processing. Hands-on training and ongoing support help ensure your operations stay efficient with virtually no overhead or additional infrastructure.

Prepaid Debit and TravelMoney cards can be reloaded by customers in-branch, using direct deposit through their employer and/or at any merchant displaying the Visa® ReadyLink logo. A complete list of Visa® ReadyLink merchants and locations is available at visa.com/readylink.

Cardholders Receive Ongoing Support

Prepaid card customers have access to 24/7 customer service support through our user- friendly website, IVR and live agents. Cardholders can check their balance, transaction history, report lost or stolen cards, and settle disputes without having to contact the financial institution.

Prepaid Card Solutions

Why Vericast?

Our card solutions offer card programs that set the standard for quality, efficiency and customer service — and we continuously find ways to improve and enhance the experience for our clients and their customers.

$3.1 trillion
The prepaid segment is expected to grow exponentially by 2022, with the U.S. market touching $3.1 trillion.

Source: “Prepaid Card Industry – Product Offerings, Leading Players, Current Trends, and Challenges Faced,” Infosys, 2018