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2024 Restaurant TrendWatch

Vericast’s 2024 Restaurant TrendWatch report provides insights on navigating the future of dining with precision and innovation.

Financial Institution Social Media Engagement
How Financial Institutions Can Craft Compelling Content on Social Media

In this article, we’ll examine strategies for demystifying digital content creation, and offer actionable insights to help financial institutions navigate the complexities of social media.

The next level of marketing martech is here
Data Duel: CDPs vs. CDMPs —Which Wields the Power to Activate on Insights?

The rental housing industry is a much different space today than it was even a few years ago. Moving away from the traditional, in-person process has presented challenges and opportunities for companies in the industry. Kathy Neumann, Chief Marketing Officer of Rent, explains to Business to Human how they are embracing basic marketing principles to drive success.

Presentation Builder: Evolution to Banking Loyalty

Explore the core insights and trends from Vericast’s 2024 Financial TrendWatch report in presentation format. This visual summary provides a condensed overview of our extensive research and analysis, designed to give banking marketers a clear snapshot of the current financial landscape.

NXTDRIVE Victra Client Testimonial
NXTDRIVE™ Client Testimonial: Victra
When Victra™ wanted to make the most of its first-party data, it knew the NXTDRIVE customer marketing data platform was…
NXT Case Study AFW
NXTDRIVE™ Client Testimonial: American Furniture WarehousE
Discover why American Furniture Warehouse® chose NXTDRIVE as its go-to customer marketing data platform to help increase market share.
You’ve Got The Data, We’ve Got The Solution

NXTDRIVE is Vericast’s latest innovation, revolutionizing the way businesses approach marketing. See how NXTDRIVE is helping marketers harness the power of their first-party data.

How Do Consumers Respond to Direct Mail in the Digital Age?

We studied consumer behaviors and responses to direct mail through extensive surveys, to inform a comprehensive study that not only explores the distinct qualities of direct mail but also builds on the insightful findings from Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making.

Financial Brand Webinar
DATA-DRIVEN GROWTH: Unveiling the Secrets of Successful Banking Acquisition

This webinar on demand focuses on the dynamics of the deposit-driven market, strategies for enhancing consumer loyalty, the role of data and marketing intelligence, navigating compliance regulations, and effectively optimizing media mix to attract new deposits and households.