Vericast’s Customer Change Management solution delivers a world-class infrastructure of dedicated, specialized resources, people and processes. It also delivers expert guidance and industry-leading best practices to deliver quality customer experiences before, during and after your conversion. No other solution can match our depth of conversion expertise or the scope of our offering.

Digital banking conversions have far-reaching impact, fraught with unforeseen problems that will deeply affect customers — consumers, small business and commercial clients — as well as their employees and brand for years to come.

Successful conversions are strategically planned, expertly guided events designed to deliver an customer transition experience. Every customer interaction that occurs before, during and after a conversion is a moment of opportunity to deepen the relationship and make a lasting impression.

Why Vericast Change Management?

  • Understand the unique needs of each customer segment to ensure an optimal transition experience
  • Engage our highly skilled conversion specialists to proactively ensure full adoption, utilization and satisfaction
  • Provide comprehensive messaging and training content
  • Meet your customer tiers, needs and budget with superior engagement
  • Proactively engage customers to ensure full adoption, utilization and satisfaction
  • Execute customized communications to each customer tier – right message, right time right channel
  • Serve as an extension of your brand, providing step-by-step support, coaching and issue resolution
  • Provide quality, experienced inbound phone support
  • Survey customers to ensure satisfaction and collect feedback
  • Provide customer experience analytics, reporting and optimization
  • Provide robust reporting of conversion status
Peace of Mind

Vericast does the heavy lifting, so you have peace of mind that all aspects of your conversion plan are working together seamlessly for unparalleled responsiveness, productivity and efficiency.

Our end-to-end solutions are fully integrated, but can also be retained on a point-solution basis.

Business customer satisfaction ratings greater than 76%1
of customers are likely to stay with their primary bank2

1 Bank Customer Survey Responses
2 “2016 Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey,” Capgemini Global Financial Services, 2016

Change Management

Investing in the Customer Experience Promises a High Return on the Customer Relationship

Vericast’s Customer Change Management solution enables you to proactively engage and support your customers through the conversion journey. This helps increase retention, drives more business referrals, improves buying propensity and strengthens your brand from awareness and implementation to full adoption and utilization. We come to the table with a roadmap for your success.


With more than a century of experience serving the financial services industry, Vericast is uniquely qualified to understand your business, your customers and the challenges you face. We put our experience to work for you by delivering best-in-class customer engagement that supports your strategic business growth and sustained long-term success.