Most financial institutions lack the specialized expertise to design and implement the kind of complex data collection and analysis necessary to effectively meet their goals and objectives. Fewer still have access to advanced surveying software required to efficiently execute a research plan. Building a relationship with a knowledgeable partner can help you extract the data you need to inform your decision making and reach your business goals.

How It Works

Questions we can help you answer
  • Who are our main competitors?
  • Why do consumers choose our competition?
  • How does our brand image compare with the brand image of our competitors?
  • What does a specific segment look for in a financial institution?
  • What kind of products appeal to a specific segment?
  • What is the source of attrition at our financial institution?
Why Choose Vericast?

Vericast delivers research solutions that help you obtain actionable data, analysis and consultation tailored your institution’s unique objectives. With more than 145 years of industry experience, we are properly positioned to understand your unique goals, challenges and opportunities. Through our work with financial institutions, we have refined our research design and methodology to deliver the precise insight you need. And because insight without action is insufficient, we also provide a detailed action plan to serve as a roadmap to measurable results toward your customer experience goals.

The Road to OuTstanding Customer Experience Begins Here

Your customer experience is your most valuable asset. Protect it with a clear understanding of your institution’s customer experience opportunities and challenges. Let Vericast’s innovative research solutions deliver the insight you need to develop your path to increased revenue, retention and profitability.

of financial service organizations don’t maximize use of customer data.
Forbes, “How Banks Analyze Your Lifestyle to Make Finance Personal,” October 2019