Vericast’s Voice of the Customer solution provides your financial institution with customized research designed for actionable results.

How It Works

Gather feedback to improve customer experience

Voice of the Customer programs help financial institutions understand and improve the customer experience across all channels. Through qualitative and quantitative data we provide actionable insight to engage customers and deliver consistent, positive experiences. And it’s all based on direct feedback from the people who know you best: your customers.

Knowledge to take action

Insight is key to understanding how to create a high-performance, customer-focused culture. Voice of the Customer provides detailed feedback directly from your customers to let you know precisely how you’re performing in specific areas. Voice of the Customer gathers, measures and interprets customer experience feedback from frontline sales, customer service and call center, via online and mobile channels, and in the new account opening, lending and business banking arenas. But we don’t just share customer feedback, we consult to help you interpret the data, identify trends, and pinpoint areas to improve.

Find out what they really think

What do customers really think about you? What ideas do they have for creating better engagement? What would make them more loyal?

Real-time feedback and analytics

Get the deep analysis and insight you need to align your culture with your organizational strategy — and drive financial performance. The Voice of the Customer dashboard delivers easy-to-navigate peer benchmark reporting so you can see how your scores compare to those of your competitors. You can drill down into each of these key metrics to view performance trends:

  • Loyalty
  • Net Promoter ScoreSM
  • Overall experience
  • Performance with employee
  • Satisfaction with employee
  • Satisfaction with wait time

Plus, you’ll get data and analysis on multiple levels from individual employee scores to a total organization snapshot. Armed with this knowledge, you can affect real change to create more satisfaction and loyalty.

Financial institutions that let their customer experience decline risk losing up to 12.5 percent of their share of deposits. Source: CSP