Voice of the Employee gives you the necessary measurements and insight needed to improve employee development and cross-departmental interactions.

How It Works

Master employee engagement to deliver a better customer experience

Customer engagement and superior customer service start from within. If the internal culture of your financial institution is misaligned, the impact to your customers is direct and immediate. Inefficient processes, gaps in information and communication, and employees who are just going through the motions are all symptoms of an unhealthy internal culture that needs attention. If these symptoms aren’t addressed effectively, they are likely to affect your customers.

Necessary Measurements and Insight

Voice of the Employee from Vericast gives you the necessary measurements and insight needed to improve employee development and cross-departmental interactions. Not only will you see actionable data detailing your employees’ perspectives and experiences, but through expert consultation and optional analytics, we also help you understand the key drivers of internal engagement and service delivery.

Employee Engagement Assessment

Capturing data from your employees is the best way to measure their engagement, which drives the value your employees bring to work every day. Instead of trying to fit your organization into the same mold as others, our Employee Engagement Assessment includes specific terms for your work areas, managers and supervisors.

The Employee Engagement Assessment:

  • Reveals strengths and opportunities for positive change
  • Can be fully customized to meet your needs
  • Evaluates common attributes that influence emotional motivation, commitment and connectedness
  • Provides actionable feedback
Internal Department Assessment

Positive customer experiences are dependent on all departments within your organization communicating and working together effectively. Our web-based survey measures the satisfaction and feedback of your employees based on their regular interactions with other departments and their processes. The data received from the completed evaluation will allow you to take actions, such as implementing a rewards program, making improvements to processes, or coaching and training your employees. These improvements empower your employees to be more successful and to grow with the organization.

of companies with engaged employees delivered a significantly better customer experience than companies that didn’t. These companies have happier employees who are more willing to provide above-and-beyond customer service. (The Temkin Group)