Webster HELOC
Cross-Sell Letter/OE

Branding that Builds Home Equity Credit Balances

The Challenge
Increase HELOC portfolio with high-impact cross-sell communications

The Audience
Current Webster mortgage account holders without an equity credit product

The Creative
A whimsically branded envelope invites the account holder inside to learn more about a great low-rate offer. The yellow house graphic around the second window cleverly highlights the rate from the outside and plays well with the energetic teaser copy. A QR code on the back invites account holders to enjoy a positive brand experience with Webster’s blog.

The letter is all about urgency. Copy positions the low-rate offer as timely – right here when you need it! It includes lots of “thought starters” for ways to use the money and even offers a rate discount when the account holder opens an accompanying Premier Checking account. To close, the coupon clearly and boldly calls out the offer.