Financial institutions can help protect small business customers from becoming victims of check fraud. High security checks offer protection from check fraud at a competitive price.

Small businesses count on their financial institution to help protect their assets.

Our manual and laser high security checks have more than 26 security features designed to give you peace of mind and assist in reducing check fraud associated with check washing, check forgery or check copying. 

High Security Check Features 

Warning Band: Calls attention to features that help verify check’s authenticity 

Prismatic Multicolored Background: Attractive, woven pattern; colors become distorted when photocopied 

True Watermark: When held up to a light, safety paper shows a pattern which can’t be scanned or copied 

Foil Hologram: 3D embedded graphic foil provides additional protection against check duplication 

Thermochromic Heat Sensitive Ink: Heat-sensitive mark disappears when warmed, allowing immediate verification of authenticity 

Invisible Fluorescent Fibers: Confirms document authenticity when viewed using black (UV) light


Protection Your Small-Business Clients Can Count On