Flash Test Counterfeit Bill Detection

Now there’s a simple, turnkey way for businesses of all types and sizes to quickly and easily detect counterfeit bills and eliminate losses.

Flash Test™ is an easy-to-use device that performs three fast, reliable tests to detect counterfeit bills:

  1. Swiping the bill across the device’s sensor checks for the presence of ink used only by the United States Bureau of Printing and Engraving
  2. The device also checks for the presence of the invisible watermark present in genuine $5 and up notes and displays a bright LED screen to indicate authenticity
  3. An ultraviolet (UV) light illuminates the security stripe present in notes of $5 and up

Flash Test Device Features

  • Accurate: Virtually 100% when used properly
  • Reliable: No moving parts
  • Discreet: The device is small enough to be placed at the point of sale for easy access
  • Speedy: The ink test takes less than one second
  • Maintenance-free: No batteries, programming or software updates
  • Cost-effective: The device is one-third the price of other scanners and less expensive over time than pens which need continual replacement (and only test the authenticity of the paper used)