Drawing on over twenty years of expertise, TranSource® delivers preventative and corrective cleaning programs for technical devices, payment, currency, image processing, printing and self-service machines.

Grab-and-Go Kits put everything you need for cleaning in the palm of your hand

TranSource Grab-and-Go Technical Cleaning Solutions

Our Grab-and-Go cleaning kits contain everything needed to clean a station or device in a convenient, single-use kit. They are packaged in sealed poly bags small enough to be stored right where they are needed. The cleaning products remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants from a wide range of devices using specialized cleaning cards, wipes, pens and swabs. Cleaning agents are approved by original equipment Manufacturers to maximize efficiency and lifespan.

How It Works

Benefits of Technical Cleaning Programs

Keeping your devices continually operational is critical for transaction speed and efficiency. Studies have shown that routine preventative maintenance with an easy-to-use, cost-effective cleaning program aids in high device uptime, longevity of the equipment, and a positive customer experience. Our technical cleaning products are designed to ensure optimal performance and lower maintenance costs.

Grab-and-Go Kits

Point of Sale/Self-Service Kiosk/Retail ATM Kits Contain:

  • Card reader Waffletechnology® cleaning card with MiracleMagicTM
  • Receipt printer cleaning card or IPA wipe
  • Screen/monitor cleaning wipe
  • Keypad and outer housing SheerCleanTM wipe

Smart Safe Kit Contains:

  • Bill validator Waffletechnology® cleaning card with MiracleMagicTM
  • Screen and outer housing SheerCleanTM wipe

Label Printer Kit Contains:

  • 4” print head and roller Waffletechnology® cleaning card
  • Outer housing SheerCleanTM wipe to do business

Currency Counter Kit Contains:

  • Pathway and lenses Waffletechnology® cleaning card with WonderSolventTM
  • Outer housing SheerCleanTM wipe
Regular Technical Device Cleaning
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Reduces costs and service calls
  • Ensures receipts are legible
  • Ensures bar codes scan accurately
Reduce failed chip reads by 85%1
Reduce rejected notes by up to 80%2

1 KICTeam Pilot Study
2 KICTeam Study