Make better business decisions with a detailed picture of what drives consumer engagement

Features & Benefits


We match your customer data back to media distribution to understand the impact on your KPIs (revenue, leads, profit, consumer engagement)



What media drives the best response, and how does this differ by geography?


Adjust future campaign strategy based on profiles of those who visited and/or purchased in response to your advertising.

How Matchback Studies Work

We collect your First-party CRM data* (prospect, loyalty, or customer lists) that includes household addresses for print campaigns or email addresses for digital campaigns, and compare to the Graph targeting profile. 

We generate a report matching consumers who were exposed to a print and/or digital ad with those who acted or made a purchase.

* Some limitations may apply. Campaign must meet feasibility requirements for data onboarding.


Compare the First Party data to the media exposure file

Vericast matches our proprietary media distribution data back to your customer household level transaction allowing a 1:1 attribution and precise measurement across customers reached (received media) and not reached (did not receive media) to measure media impact.


Measure Incremental Visitors and Revenue

Understand true impact on sales and visits based on media attribution by removing media agnostic revenue.