Finding Your Advertising ID

In order to find your Device ID (or sometimes refered to as an IDFA), please follow the steps below for either an iOS Device or Android Phone.

For iOS Devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
In order to find your Apple Device ID, a third party tool is required. There is a wide selection of apps with the capability on the App Store. Below are a selection of apps for iOS that can show a device’s ID to users.

My Device IDFA by AppsFlyer 

Adjust Insights by Adjust

For Android
Open the Google Settings app on your Android device and click on “Ads.” Your Advertising Identifier will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

Finding Your Advertising ID 
Precise instructions to find the advertising ID for your mobile device vary by device platform (iOS or Android). For iOS Devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch At present, the advertising ID on iOSdevicess is hidden from users by Apple by default but can be retrieved with third-party apps. Apple calls this identifier an “Identifier…

App Store 
‎My Device ID by AppsFlyer
‎With My Device ID by AppsFlyer you can easily view and share your Device ID including IDFA and IDFV. You can also add your device as a allowlisted test device to your AppsFlyer account directly from the app. Allowlisting a test device in your AppsFlyer account is an important part of testing your in…

App Store
‎Adjust Insights
‎Adjust Insights is the app made by Adjust GmbH to help you find out some details about your device.